Emilie Faïf - FR

textile installation

The French artist Emilie Faïf does performances,
creates sculptures and installations and also
provides scenography. Her poetic style results
in textile installations with a dreamy character
evocative of another world. The constructed
artworks suggest the form of an object but
the artist prefers to leave the work to the
imagination of the viewer.

Faïf couples materiality and art as experience
in the textile installation that she creates for
KadS 2013. The work can be seen in the Wassalon
Java laundrette in the Zeilstraat number 13. The
artist is fascinated by the social signature of
textile and the layering of which is presented
as a social good. Textile is not only a lovely
piece of fabric meant to protect man against the
cold, the sun or the rain; it is also an
identity-forming medium. The choice of a
laundrette as a stage is a well considered
one. Laundrettes are generally not deemed
to be temples of art or fashion. They are a
meeting point, an approachable place where
local residents can wash their clothing.

Occasionally, there is a long wait for the
laundry, as a result of which boredom may be
interspersed by chance encounters. Fabric,
of fragile and soft materials creep out of
washing machines and are brought to life in a
floating spatial sculpture linking the dynamics
of the city with blissful dreams and idyllic

Emilie Faïf [Paris, 1976] studied at the
École des Arts Appliqués and L’École Nationale
supérieure des Arts Décoratifs in Paris. She
has made installations and designs for the
‘Galerie des Enfants’ in the Centre Pompidou,
the French Ministry for Culture and the
Public Offices for Social Housing (OPHLM). In
addition to fine art projects, Faïf also works
in commission for large fashion houses. She
installs showrooms and window displays for
Isabel Marant, Pierre Frey, Guerlain and Hermès,
among others.