Yasmijn Karhof - NL

film installation

Visual artist Yasmijn Karhof has particularly
expressed herself through the medium of film
over the last few years. She is concerned with
the perception of reality, especially with regards
to the notion of how the imagination is able to
play and colour perception. Karhof’s films have
a sensitive, melancholic feel to them: they seem
to render the everyday, yet a surreal and
alienating atmosphere gradually emerges.

For KadS, Karhof is presenting ‘inner space/
Outer space’, an installation comprising a film
screen featuring the same woman on either
side. The artist evokes the suggestion that
you could get to know her better. But an
encounter fails to occur. Karhof: ‘This work
revolves around the desire to truly know the
other and the impossibility of this’. The film
‘inner space/Outer space’ was granted the BnG
Workspace award. according to the jury,
Yasmijn Karhof has captured the spirit of the
times with her film: ‘She is able, in a conceptual
and poetic manner, to translate the desire for
peace and contemplation in a hectic urban
environment into a seemingly simple image. The
interactive element entices the viewer to move
closer to the work and at the same time
emphasises the illusion that is film’.

Yasmijn Karhof [Edam, 1974] studied at the
Gerrit Rietveld academie, The Cooper Union
School of Art in New York and the Rijksakademie
van beeldende kunsten in Amsterdam. She works
with photography, film, performance and
installations in a variety of combinations. Karhof
has exhibited at the Centraal Museum, Utrecht,
Museum De Paviljoens, Almere, Stedelijk Museum
’s-Hertogenbosch, Youkobo Art Space in Tokyo
and the Living Art Museum in Reykjavik.