Greg Streak - ZA


The South African multidisciplinary artist
Greg Streak works with video, sculpture and
installations, and also makes documentaries. He
has a fascination for aesthetic quality, materiality
and the laborious nature of the making process.
Upon closer examination it becomes clear that his
work relates to - and is critical of - the reality
that surrounds us. He exposes social-political
notions on a micro and macro scale. The contrast
between the work’s visually striking exterior and
its intrinsic meaning sets the viewer on the
wrong track.

For KadS, Streak is making a cow’s head that
is larger than life, titled ‘To Rent: Remains of
the Cash Cow’. The work not only deals with
vacant spaces in the Schinkel neighbourhood,
but also with the growing lack of occupancy
visible around the world since the economic
crisis of 2008. The cow’s head covered with
5-euro notes is placed in the shop-window of
a vacant retail unit in the Zeilstraat. The work
symbolises that a fixed return based on minimal
effort has now become impossible. The metaphor
of the ‘Cash Cow’ implies that a risk-free financial
return is no longer a given.

Greg Streak [Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, 1971] studied
at Natal Technikon in Durban and the Rijksakademie
van beeldende kunsten in Amsterdam. In 2007,
he was awarded an Ampersand Grant in New York.
He is the founder of PULSE, an arts initiative
affiliated with the artists network, RAIN . He has
organised numerous international projects
including the well-received Hiv[e] project in 2004 in
South Africa. Streak has exhibited at 21 Rozendaal
in Enschede and recently at Commune 1 Gallery
in Cape Town, South Africa. The artist lives and
works in Durban.