Marike Schuurman - NL


Photographer Marike Schuurman beholds
the world in an unusual manner. The seemingly
abstract elements in her work refer to the
world around us. She unravels what she sees
and places this in another context; in doing so
she reveals the hidden beauties beauty of the

The series of photographs entitled ‘Heat
Wave’, which Schuurman presents during KadS,
form an attentive account of her wanderings
through the Schinkel neighbourhood during the
hottest week of 2013. The axis of the neighbourhood
is the Schinkel, a canalised river.

Water in all its facets plays a prominent yet not
an obvious role in her series of photographs.
Such as the cooling of the Zeilbrug (the bridge
over the Zeilstraat); a car driving through a
puddle of water creating a rainbow; or a floating
soap bubble. Without any form of staging
Schuurman made photographs in the Schinkel
neighbourhood, of which the environment is not
always recognisable in the image. The photographs
are presented life-size on round,
monumental pillars across various locations in
the Schinkel neighbourhood, appearing to be
three-dimensional as well as an addition to the
environment. A number of photographs from
the ‘Heat Wave’ series is displayed together
in the shop window of the Hema, which will be
transformed into the smallest public gallery
in the Schinkel neighbourhood.

Marike Schuurman [Groningen, 1964] studied
at the Vrije Academie in The Hague, the Gerrit
Rietveld Academie and the Rijksakademie van
beeldende kunsten in Amsterdam. She has
participated in various international artist
residencies. Her work is included in the corporate
collections of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in
The Hague, the KPN collection and Sammlung
Hoffmann in Berlin, among others. Marike
Schuurman lives and works in Amsterdam
and Berlin.