Sachi Miyachi - JP


Sachi Miyachi’s installations and performances
are inspired by the meanings and functions of
public and urban spaces in which she examines
the position of man and his rituals. She ingeniously
turns her fascination with this subject matter
into sketches, structures and performances.
After thorough research into her direct
surroundings and the everyday actions and
rituals linked to them, she subsequently seeks
to interact with her public. Miyachi uses spatial
forms and locations both conceptually and
perceptually. In doing so she raises visitors’
awareness by allowing her installations and
activities to be experienced in an extraordinary

For KadS 2013, Miyachi is building ‘The Hut -
A quiet wedge’, a soundproof quiet house on
the neighbourhood’s busiest traffic point. It
is situated right on top of the roundabout on
Hoofddorpplein; a square encircled day and
night by trams, buses and cars. Miyachi was
inspired by El Lissitzky’s ‘Beat the Whites with
the Red Wedge’, a propaganda poster from 1919,
which stood as a symbol for a new world brought
about by the people. Miyachi’s work is infused
with the notion: ‘Beat the noisy square with the
quiet wedge’. The work symbolises her exploration
of this urban area, where visitors are able to
rediscover themselves amidst the hustle and
bustle of mass society. After the daily workflow,
the individual is able to renew his or her personal
tempo and level of sensitivity in this structure.
With this artistic intervention Miyachi creates a
context for interaction, participation and

Sachi Miyachi [Tokyo, Japan, 1978] studied
fine art and anthropology at Wako University in
Tokyo and Fine Art at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie
and the Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam. In
2008, she won the AIA S Prize of Honour.