Finissage KadS

Sarah van Sonsbeeck, performance in collaboration with Kim Jose Bode

Inspired by her friend Kim Jose Bode, a renowned and award winning solo recorder player with juvenile macula degeneration (a genetic disposition increasingly diminishing sight and increasing light sensitivity), the artist Sarah van Sonsbeeck will premiere a new performance: 'In The Dark We See More Clearly'. When asked by van Sonsbeeck what Jose Bode’s ‘ideal stage’ would be, she answered ‘a stage in the dark’. Jose Bode performed her music in a darkened gallery. The audience saw as little as Kim sees, to hopefully hear all the better.

Kim-José Bode was born in 1982 in Oldenburg (Germany). She studied recorder with Paul Leenhouts at the Sweelinck Conservatory of Amsterdam and received a master in ‘Modern Musical Theatre’ at the Royal Conservatory The Hague.

Sarah van Sonsbeeck is represented by Annet Gelink Gallery, Amsterdam.

Site specific performance, 2013
Sachi Miyachi builds a maquette with rice, river water and skewers

Sachi Miyachi’s installations and performances are inspired by the meanings and functions of public and urban spaces in which she examines the position of man and his rituals.