Jacqueline Dauriac - FR

neon installation

The French visual artist Jacqueline Dauriac works
within various disciplines of contemporary art,
making use of new media and light. Her work is
auditive, sensitive and perceptive. She engages
with the artistic development of urban spaces,
with which she aims to convey a sense of beauty
and meaning to the visitor.

For KadS, Dauriac has developed a typographic
installation of neon letters. The words Faith and
Dolce are placed on top of the roof of the booth
by the Zeilbrug a bridge over the Zeilstraat at
Sloterkade 2. The light sculptures can be seen
from various locations in the Schinkel neighbourhood.
Their slender appearance and soft colour
of light means that they’re also present in an
unusual manner during the day as well as at night.
Nowhere do they drown out the local atmosphere.
The word ‘Faith’ evokes the association of
integration of religions and ‘Dolce’ emphasises
the quality of social contacts within the
neighbourhood. The combination of the words
references the sympathy that this neighbourhood
exudes. The sounds of these words are
very important says Dauriac, ‘Faith interrupts
the flow of air and Dolce thankfully spreads it
out again; together they provide a wonderful
treaty for the future’. The words are crowned
with a pointy neon flag.

Jacqueline Dauriac (1945, Tarbes) often works
in the public space and has participated
numerous times in Nuit Blanche in Paris with
her monumental light installations. She has exhibited
internationally at Musée des Beaux-Arts in Rennes,
Kunstverein Stuttgart and the Van Abbemuseum in
Eindhoven, among others. Her work is also included
in various corporate collections including CNAC Paris,
FRAC , Rhône-Alpes, Museum Witte de With,
Rotterdam, Collection Daniel Buren, Collection
Balenciaga and Collection Pommery in Reims.